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Saying goodbye to our brick & mortar

Saying goodbye to our brick & mortar

It's been one year since we opened our Gold Coast store! 

We are so incredibly grateful for each and every one of our customers. Opening during the middle of a pandemic was very stressful, though we are so proud of where we are today - and it's all because of you.

Operating a brick & mortar store with constant border closures and restrictions has been incredibly frustrating. It's forced us to really consider our long term goals for Antibes Store. We initially set up our online store expecting a few orders every now and again. It has grown more than we could have imagined in such a short time, and we are now shipping to every state in Australia and internationally!

We are beyond grateful for our online community and the flexibility it has provided, allowing us to completely change the direction of the business. We absolutely loved creating the retail space - however, at the end of August we will be closing our doors and moving Antibes Store completely online to focus on growing our online platform. 

We truly cannot thank our customers enough for supporting us throughout the pandemic. Our goal has always been to provide our customers (locally, interstate and internationally) with a carefully curated collection of Australia's most sought-after womenswear designers, and we will continue to do this through our online platform. We are so excited for what the next year will bring. 

With love,

Antibes Store x

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